Reference Code I/2-63
Title Light over Albania
Synopsis View of the Mati valley’s sunset. The Menge’s family talking about the fire. Zefi’s son, Lazer Menga, saying that while he was guarding the sheep, he saw some people who were measuring Mati’s water. The explosion of mines begins. A group of women workers placing mines in the Mountain Shqiponja. Sali Vata and Ethem Muka are observing. The map of Albania displaying connected roads and hilly landscapes. Volunteers leaving Korca for the hydropower plant. Mountain girls working in the hydropower plant. During work breaks girls learning how to write and sing. Trucks passing on a new road. Beautiful panorama of the river and the gorge where the hydropower plant will be built. Ancient Illyrian vessels were found during excavations. A sick child and an old man looking at the corn field. The bey’s house destroyed. A strong mine explosion destroys the lamp in a mountain house. Chinese artists visit the hydropower plant, work and give concerts. Young people walking by the river in the evening. Young people writing letters to their families in the dormitories. Work is also done at night when the fire breaks out and the river is flooded. Llazer Menga goes to school with his daughter; she learns to write and read; he is enrolled in the excavator course. Soviet engineer Spiridinov assembling the support cranes. The trucks with gravel for the concrete are coming. Shaban Xhama is responsible for this sector. During the break, the workers study, Sali Vata is on the blackboard. Wood is cut for the hydropower plant at the forests of Puke. A small town has been built in Lac and the mountaineers have new houses. A mountain woman dusts off the windows of her house. The changes in the life of female workers are presented; while before female workers used to bring food from home, today canteens have been set up with dishes according to their wishes. There is a kindergarten and nursery school. The public servants are being held accountable by the masses. The villager Hysni Dino is now the chief engineer, Ramadan Hanku is the director of the Hydro Energy Enterprise. Secretary of the Party Committee, Sadik Stafa, and engineer Gogo Vasili. Steamships unload large pipes that are transported by the hero driver Koco Afezolli at the port of Durres. The pipes are lowered by crane in the hydropower plant. Albanian and Soviet engineers working together. Electrician Besnik Shaqiri checks the devices. Day and night working shifts. The doctor of the hydropower plant is called up at night for an emergency, he visits an injured worker. Llazar Minge remembers his past from shepherd to excavator. He imagines the hydropower plant completed by him and the other friends. The gate of the dam is free. The last family to be destroyed is rising. The elder woman kisses the threshold of the house. The dam gate closes, and the lake begins to fill. A lake was added to the map. Two-story house have been built nearby the lake for displaced residents. Miner Ethem Ruka (photo) became a hero for the construction of the hydroelectric plant. Party and state leaders such as Enver Hoxha, Mehmet Shehu, Beqir Balluku attend the inauguration of the hydropower plant, it is also the 12th anniversary of the declaration of Albania as a republic. Enver Hoxha cutting the inauguration ribbon. View from the control room, machines, high voltage poles. Electric light illuminates many cities and industrial centres of the country. Even in Llazar Menge’s house there is electric light. Documentary film on the construction of the “Enver” hydropower plant on the Mat river. Assistant/operator Niko Theodhosi.
Screenwriter Endri Keko Llazar Siliqi
Scriptwriter Llazar Siliqi
Director Endri Keko
Camera Jani Nano
Category Documentaries
Year 1958
Release date 1958
Reels 5
Lenght (in minutes) 39
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations Hidrocentrali “Enver”
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