Reference Code I/2-36
Title Letter from the village
Synopsis A boy writing a letter to his friend who went to study in Moscow. He writes about the progress and development of our country through the Bulgareci’s agricultural cooperative. Korca’s landscapes, pebbled streets, the monument of the unknown soldier, etc. View of the irrigation canals, Maliqi’s dry lands and peach trees blossoming. Life in the village of Bulgarec. Women shaking the buttermilk, little lambs playing; the goat playing the flute, an eagle flying, a toddler, white doves and girls who filling pots with water. A woman making carpets. Elder Gogo Bucka, whose son was killed in the war, is talking to a friend. New houses built by the people’s government. Small village power station and the country house with radio. Children learning in school. The cooperative has a tractor station. Tractor driver Bajram Tarja working the land with a tractor, while others ploughing land with oxen. Tractor driver Llambi Becko planting beets with a tractor. The weather this year looks bad, it doesn’t rain. The meeting of the chairmanship of the cooperative with the secretary of the Party, comrade Petro Thanasi proposing some concrete measures. The chairman of the cooperative, Gjin Riza, the chief of agriculture of the district, Pali Themeli, and the director of SMT, Bexhet Zagorcani, have come to observe the cultivations. Water releasing in the irrigation canals. Beetroot and corn are revived. The stork in his nest. The members of cooperative heading to work. Korce high school students coming to help the cooperative. Beets are sold. Kindergarten. The teams competition and the flag is being taken by the member of the leadership, Vjollca Backa. Erveheja, a member of the brigade, is engaged to a boy from the Lumala cooperative. The groomsmen visting the bride’s house. Njaziu’s father-in-law giving the bride a wristwatch as a gift, while the chairman of the cooperative gives her some earrings made of wheat. Harvesting of wheat began with harvesters and sickles. Wheat is gathered with sheaves. Children help with collecting the remaining straws. The members of cooperative taking a short break after work. The wheat is transported to the threshing machine, the sacks are filled with wheat while the straw is stored in the saddles. The first caravan loaded with grain goes to the collection point. Cooperatives take the wheat to the mill to grind it. Celebrating the harvest festival for the 7th year. A lunch is being served for this special occasion. The chairman of the cooperative addressing the public and raising a toast. People dancing. Girls picking apples and vegetables. A little boy eating a watermelon. The cars are loaded with watermelons, while the truck brings industrial goods to the village. Sheep shearing is done. The veterinarian of the Llambi Baca district injecting the cows the vaccine against rabies. The cooperative has over 1000 chickens which are useful. Most people going to the field where the sugar beet harvest is being done. Beetroot leaves are used for silage. The Romanian painter Vasil Kazar and our painter Hysen Devolli visiting Bulgarec. Painting members of cooperative while harvesting beets. Comrades Mehmet Shehu and Haki Toska visiting the cooperative to observe the beet harvest. The accountant of the cooperative collecting the income. Trucks with beets leave for Maliq. An agricultural exhibition opens in Korce. Members of the Soviet Cultural delegation visiting the cooperative. Members of cooperative and the delegation chatting, drinking and dancing. The village movie theatre staging a Soviet documentary film. An autumn evening, young people walking by the canal. Cold and snowy winter. The meeting of the assembly is held in the first days of January, where the results of the joint work are demonstrated. The villagers buying bicycles and radios with the profits of the cooperative. Juli Riza working carpets. Young people reading books at the library of the cooperative. Villagers go hunting. Snow scenery.
Screenwriter Sofokli Afezolli Endri Keko
Scriptwriter Llazar Siliqi
Director Endri Keko
Composer Kristo Kono
Camera Jani Nano Sokrat Musha Agim Fortuzi Pashko Como, as/op Koco Tollko, op/zeri
Category Documentaries
Year 1955
Release date 1955
Reels 5
Lenght (in minutes) 37
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
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