Reference Code I/2-384
Title Journey with our sailors
Synopsis The world map. The port of Durres, our ships Teuta and Butrinti. A working steam engine. The work and study of the students of the navy school in Durres. Loading of goods by steamer, chrome, bitumen, etc. The first secretary of the party in the district of Durres, comrade Iliaz Reka talking to our sailors. The former sailor is the captain of the steamer “Durresi”. Resmi Shameta greeting the sailors of the biggest ship “Tirana”. The ship “Durresi” finishes loading and leaves for a long journey. The sailing ship . The port of Durres seen from the sea. The ship’s commander’s room. Beautiful panorama at night. Panorama of the coast. The sea. Sazan Island . Saranda. Mediterranean Sea. The steamer “Durresi” caressing the waves. Sokrat Musha shooting in the boat. Operators talk with the captain of the steamer Fore Koreta. The sailor of the steamer Dilaver Shoqja speaks (synchronously) about the ship’s route, explaining it on the map. Officer Pandi Sota (simultaneous) also speaks. A fishing boat, a gas station, a ship for scientific studies in the Mediterranean Sea. Coasts of Africa. Life in an African city. Women with bows on their heads and children on their backs. Work at the boiler of the steamer. Demonstration of sailors during a test alarm. The rescue boats are put into motion. A sailor descends with a rope into the sea. The shores of Algiers . Dolphin in the sea. The Strait of Gibraltar. The Lighthouse of Gibraltar. Atlantic waves lapping over the steamer. Sailors in the middle of the storm taking measures to secure the steamer. Sailors work to repair a breakdown in a turbine. Dressed with asbestos, they enter and weld the boiler. Chief mechanic Dilaver Dani. Lunch on the boat, roast chicken, etc. The ship’s radio operator at work. Shanghai. The ocean liner “Vlora” arrives in China. Qemal Hoto, captain of the ship “Vlora” and deputy of the popular assembly are at the port of the ship. Photo of the ship “Mati”. The cruise of the ship “Korabi” in Dalmatia. The beautiful islands of Dalmatia. Our ships “Skanderbeg” and “Korabi” at the port of Trieste unloading goods. Venice, Italy where our ship “Partizani” is located. The waterways of Venice with characteristic bridges. Pigeon square of Venice. Ancient building. In one virtue we see materials for APS. A photo of Enver Hoxha was published in the “Nuova Unita” newspaper. The sailors study the political oeuvre of Enver Hoxhe and history of the ALP. The ship “Durresi” moves towards the east (the captain speaks on the itinerary – synchronous). The steamer walks through the fog listening to the siren. The Kiel Canal on the coast of Germany. The steamship “Durresi” passes under the giant bridge in the Kiel canal. Channel plan. A military base appears near the Kiel Canal in West Germany. They fly jet planes, rockets. Sinking ships. The port of Gdansk, Poland. Commemoration of the liberation of Gdansk. Photo from the Gdansk workplace clash with the Polish revisionist police. Unloading goods. Sailors getting to know the curiosities of the city, visiting the Gdansk observatory. The port of Durres where the transoceanic ship “Tirana” commanded by Resmi Šameti is entering. Iliaz Reka, secretary of the district party, Kico Ngjela, minister of trade, are coming on the ship. The flag of the ship “Tirana”. The film is dedicated to the journey of our steamer “Durresi” in several countries of the world.
Screenwriter Shkelzen Shala Sokrat Musha N. Nova
Director Shkelzen Shala
Composer Nina Harito
Camera Sokrat Musha Loni Progri, op/zeri
Editing Emine Kasapi
Category Documentaries
Year 1971
Release date 1971
Reels 4
Lenght (in minutes) 35
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
Producers Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit