Reference Code I/2-132
Title In the service of health
Synopsis Tirana during mornings. The central building of the university. Pigeons at the square in front of the university. Wide plans from the center of Tirana, the Bank building, Skanderbeg square, the ministries, central park, the clock tower. Aferdita, a physical education teacher and an activist of the Albanian Red Cross, rushes to school. On the way, she encounters a car accident that happens to a child. Aferdita gives first aid to the child and calms down the peasant mother. The child is sent to the hospital by ambulance. Aferdita goes late to the school where she teaches. The artistic lyceum building. The activist student of the school’s Red Cross helps Teuta, who has cut her finger. Gym class at the high school. Girls doing physical activities. Courses are held at the sanitary facility, organized by the Albanian Red Cross. Practical circle with ARC activists. Aferdita, with a bunch of flowers, visits the boy whose life she saved in the hospital. The blood donation centre where many of the donors are ARC activists. An activist adjusts the hygiene corner and puts medicines in the red cross box at the Stalin textile factory. Panoramas from a hydropower plant. Spectacular view of the gates and dam. The employees of the hydropower plant have their own activists in ACR. They read Health magazine. The ARC activists plant fruit trees and mimosas at the oil refinery in Cerrik. Artistic Lyceum building. The villager comes with her son to school to meet Aferdita, thanks and invites her to visit their village together with the ARC female activists. The girls leave by bus to the village. The bus passes from Shallvaret, Durres street, etc. Aferdita and the girls visit the house of the villager who saved his son. The activists show the villagers how the child grows up well at the “Mother and Child” district. Children are vaccinated. A large meeting is organized with the villagers in the village of Petrele, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the International Red Cross and the 40th anniversary of the ARC. Doctor Zisa Cikuli addresses the public. The 5th congress of the Albanian Red Cross is held in Tirana. The report was delivered by the chairman Mane Nisholla. Minister of Health Ciri Pistoli discusses, etc. On the red cross (quick aid)
Screenwriter Zisa Cikuli
Scriptwriter Ballkeze Halili
Director Marianthi Xhako
Composer Ismail Balla
Camera Sokrat Musha Asim Musha, op zeri
Category Documentaries
Year 1963
Release date 1963
Reels 2
Lenght (in minutes) 18
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
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