Reference Code I/2-290
Title From the visit of Enver Hoxha to the district of Berat
Synopsis Berat’s castle. The “Mao Ce Dun” textile plant , Enver Hoxha arrives at the plant accompanied by the first secretary of the Party Committee of Berat, P. Gusho. Enveri meets with workers of the plant. Enveri visits the departments and factories of the plant. Enveri talks with the workers of the plant, meets with the Chinese workers who have come to share their experience. Meets with Chinese specialists. Enveri looks at the products. Enver leaves the plant. At the hall of the palace of culture Berat, a meeting is held with the workers, members of cooperatives and cadres of this district. Enver Hoxha attends the meeting. The meeting was opened by the chairman of the District Executive Committee, Llambi Shehu. P. Gusho reports. At the meeting, many discussants took the floor, including: Dafina Janku (worker at the Mao Ce Dun combine), Zymbyle Bega (sub-chairman of the agricultural cooperative “8 November Kutalli), Halil Hasko (engineer in the Stalin City), etc. In this meeting Enveri delivered a very important speech with an economic-political character. He spoke about collective and personal responsibility at work. 226.40 m. Enver Hoxha meets with the small stonemasons of the city of Berat. Streets paved with cobblestones. A pickaxe and a rifle made of mosaic-shaped stones. Enver meets and talks cordially with the little stone carvers. He meets with the retired stone carver Vasil Karakash, who works with young ones. Enver, accompanied by P. Gusho, paid a visit to Vasil’s family Karakashi whose son gave the life during the National Liberation War and talks cordially with family members. Enveri visits the “8 November” agricultural cooperative of Kutallia. Cooperative members dance accompanied by the folk orchestra. Enveri arrives and greets. Enveri speaks at the meeting of cooperatives. He greets cordially. 161.80 m.
Category Documentaries
Year 1969
Release date 1969
Reels 2
Lenght (in minutes)
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
Producers Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
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