Reference Code I/2-565
Title Friends in our feast
Synopsis Tirana celebrating the 30th anniversary of liberation. The capital’s main square is decorated. Spiro Koleka and Petro Dode welcome the delegation of North Vietnam at the Rinas airport. It is headed by the Member of Central Committee of the party of North Vietnam Tran Hu Duk. The delegation of North Vietnam headed by the Minister of Justice Trung Nhu Tang disembarks from the plane. They are welcomed by Abdyl Kellezi, Adil Carcani and Petro Dode. The delegation of Korea headed by the candidate of the Central Committee Zeng Zun Gi. The delegations are welcomed by Mehmet Shehu. The delegation of the party and the government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam is welcomed by Mehmet Shehu and Adil Carcani. Friends visit the Party house. Accompanied by Arani Cela, the delegation visits the Stalin factory. The Romanian delegation arrives. Kico Ngjela, Xhaferr Spahiu, and Lefter Goga welcome the delegation. The Algerian delegation arrives, Kico Ngjela welcomes the delegation. Friends M-L are coming. They are welcomed by Haki Toska, Ramiz Alia. Mehmet Shehu welcomes the delegations of Romania, Algeria, Cambodia and Mexico at the Prime Minister’s office. Friends visit the fine arts exhibition. Mehmet Shehu, Hysni Kapo, Pipi Mitrojorgji, Aleks Buda, Thoma Deljana visit the exhibition. The delegation of People’s Republic of China arrives at the airport. Mehemt Shehu, Hysni Kapo, Xhaferr Spahiu, Abdyl Kellezi, Adil Carcani, Ramiz Alia welcome the delegation. They toast our friendship. Friends pay tribute to the cemetery of the martyrs. They visit the wire factory in Shkoder. The delegation is accompanied by Prokop Murra. They visit the greenhouses of Shijak and the port of Durres. The delegation is accompanied by Maqo Bleta and Jorgjie Pecini at the Tractor plant. The castle of Gjirokastra and the city. The Cambodian delegation visits the museum. Enver Hoxha meets with the Chinese delegation in K.Q. to the Party. Assisting are Hysni Kapo, Nexhmije Hoxha, Ramiz Alia, Haxhi Lleshi, Mehmet Shehu, Haki Toska. Comrades visit the “Albania Today” exhibition. They are accompanied by Mehmet Shehu, Haxhi Lleshi, Hysni Kapo, Haki Toska, Vito Kapo, Aranit Cela, Spiro Koleka, Thoma Deljana. Enver Hoxha, Mehmet Shehu, Hysni Kapo, Haxhi Lleshi, Ramiz Alia, Rita Marko, Kadri Azbiu, Thoma Deljana, K. Theodhosi, Spiro Mojsiu, Spiro Koleka, Haki Toska gather on the occasion of the holidays. The Chinese delegation is accompanied by Hysni Kapo at the metallurgical plant. View of the metallurgist. Jashar Mezenxhiu and Jao Ven Juan speak at the rally. Friendship flags are given. Comrades observe the modern equipment at the university hall. They visit Butrint, the orange terraces. Enver Hoxha welcomes the delegations, assisted by Mehmet Shehu, Spiro Koleka, Hysni Kapo, Kadri Azbiu, Ramiz Alia, Adil Carcani. Enver Hoxha, Haxhi Lleshi, Mehmet Shehu, Spiro Koleka, Rita Marko, Hysni Kapo, Hysni Kapo is in the stands. Great enthusiasm of the people. The capital at night. The Skanderbeg monument at night with a searchlight. Fireworks. The main square full of people watching the fireworks spectatcle.
Director Ilia Dede
Composer Mira Mecule
Camera Pashko Como Jani Nano Saim Kokona Petraq Lubonja Lionel Konomi Rakip Zeneli Pellumb Kallfa Jovan Kondakci
Editing Elpiniqi Coja
Sound Ilir Gjata
Category Documentaries
Year 1974
Release date 1974
Reels 3
Lenght (in minutes) 28.25
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations Tirane
Producers Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit