Reference Code I/2-566
Title For the defence of the homeland
Synopsis Complex two-way tactical training. An infantry battalion participating in this tactical exercise is tasked with acting as a defender. Green fields and hills planted and a vineyard. Map of the action plan being studied by the commander. Concretization and knowledge of the terrain. The platoons of the company and volunteer companies leave for the region where the training will take place, loaded with their equipment. A group of military girls. Opening of trenches and positioning. Factory floor plan. Military girl putting on headphones. Flowering fruit trees and the villagers who take care of them. There are playgrounds and children playing. The command in connection reports. Soldier in the peninsula. Hysni Kapo and Kadri Hazbiu observes the training. The Defence Minister Mehmet Shehu meets with the soldiers in the trenches. Training begins. Medieval planes in the sky. The soldiers enter the tunnels in the shelters. Bombing from the sky. Machine guns from the ground open fire against enemy aviation. After the air attack, intervening with artillery. Leaders observe the training. Shooting with mortars. Command-line communication. Coming out of the shelters and learning is thrown into the attack. A soldier who sees through binoculars and a soldier who communicates by radio. Soldiers shooting with guns and machine guns. The bomb. Jumping into the attack. Mine field. Flame and fire. Mehmet Shehu observes the training with binoculars. Tactical map. The second echelons accompanied by tanks enter the battle. Paratroopers and midshipmen jump from the tanks. They shoot with shells. Whistle-blowers notify the company of corrections. Shooting with rifles. Tactical strategy map. Soldier signals with horn. Withdrawal of platoons from advanced positions. Organized retreat with fire cover. Soldiers entering the secret centre of fire to stab the middleman in the back. Running through the trenches. Defensive positioning. Defence tactical map. Mehmet Shehu observes with binoculars. Military girl communicating. Company command orders entry into shelter. Air attack. Bunker. Gunshots from the bunker. Effective exit from shelters, tunnels. The minefield explodes. Bunker and mine explosions. Soldiers loading their weapons with cartridges in shelters. Borizan blows the trumpet. Soldier with gas mask putting out the fire. “Counterattack, withdrawal of the attackers. Flamethrower. Tank attack. Minefield. Defence of the advanced region. Withdrawal by organized combat. Core region protection. Encirclement of forces. Getting out of the siege. Counterattack and pursuit. Encirclement and annihilation of the middle. Paintings of socialist realism. The tank goes over a trench and the soldier hits it with anti-tank grenades. Signalling with red flags. Tactical map. Fighting at night to get out of the siege. Tactical map. The platoon gets out of the siege and is placed in a defensive position. Tactical map of the counterattack. A villager lighting a cigarette and a girl filling a gun with bullets. A soldier treating a wound in the arm with bandages. Soldiers reading battle leaflets. Slogan: “Don’t give the enemy time to catch his breath”. Connection. Mehmet Shehu gives instructions. Artillery strikes. Borizani blows the trumpet. The order is given to carry out the counterattack. The soldiers who descend from hills and attack. Tanks support the counterattack. Military girl with communication apparatus. Taku with soldiers, trumpeter with trumpet. Tactical map. At the end of the training, Mehmet Shehu meets the participants and congratulates them. The soldiers applaud.
Category Documentaries
Year 1974
Release date 1975
Reels 2
Lenght (in minutes)
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
Producers Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
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