Reference Code I/2-110
Title For new victories
Synopsis When the 4th congress of the party was being held, a group of women from Koplik of Shkodra came to meet Enver Hoxha. Meeting with comrades Enver Hoxha and M. Shehu in front of the building where the congress is taking place. The Chinese and other foreign delegations entering in the Congress’s building. Comrades Haki Toska, Adil Carcani, Spiro Koleka, K. Theodhosi, A. Kellezi, T. Jakova, Sh. Peci, K. Ngjela, P. Shamblli, V. Pojani, K. Azbiu and delegates addressing the congress. The Romanian people’s party representative Vojko Stefan, the Hungarian representative Siku Pol, the Korean people’s party representative Pak Kim Cer, the GDR representative Herman Aksen, Czechoslovakian communist party representative Rudall Barak, Mongolian representative Bat Ocirin Zhamballdarzh, the Vietnamese People’s Party representative Ngyen Dui Tein who presented the congress with a red flag. Comrade Manush Mufti thanked him for the symbolic gift. Welcoming the Cuban communist party representative comrade Hase Filip Karmeando Radriges. The Austrian Communist Party representative comrade Josef Vandroska, Japanese communist party representative Itam Janehara, and Norwegian communist party representative comrade Andon Eqedenizen. The congress is welcomed by the representatives of communist party of Malaysia, Britain and Ireland. Karel Sup, the representative of communist party of Indonesia said: We welcome the congress fighting for a strong party, with a monolithic party that fights without fear against today’s revisionism. A great concert was given by the choir of the Opera and Ballet Theatre on February 19. A documentary film about the 4th congress of the Communist Party of Albania.
Director Endri Keko
Camera Jani Nano Sokrat Musha Agim Fortuzi B. Xhepa, as.op
Category Documentaries
Year 1961
Release date 1961
Reels 1
Lenght (in minutes) 9
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
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