Reference Code I/2-286
Title Flame in the trenches
Synopsis Soldiers studying in the military political room. The platoon commander familiarizes the team commanders with the terrain one day before the training. He takes into account their proposals. The terrain where the training will take place. The platoon lined up and its commander explaining and acting in practice. (Platoon in tunnel). The platoon exits the tunnel and takes up position on the field. The commander sets a personal example. It helps the most untrained with rifle shooting in trenches. Throwing grenades. 258.50m. The platoon trains to defend itself against enemy-launched fuel. The platoon commander conducts a practical firefighting lesson for his comrades. The soldiers themselves act. The practical training in the tranches begins. Fire in the trenches. The soldiers act on their own, extinguish the fire. They jump on the enemy. Tunnel view. The enemy has set fire to the entrance of the tunnel. The soldiers come out of the tunnel, extinguish the fire and settle in the trenches. The shooting continues. The platoon commander gathers the squad commanders and gives remarks and instructions on training. 245.70 m. Hand-to-hand combat and attacking the enemy during the third stage of the training. Hand-to-hand combat. It looks like a battlefield. An attack is made on the enemy. The soldiers charge. The soldiers of the platoon hear the signal of alarm. The fight begins. The attack signal is given. The platoon attacks. Soldiers are acting quickly. The enemy is destroyed. This training video shows the actions of the infantry platoon in the defence of the tunnel system, in the conditions of the use of fuel.
Category Documentaries
Year 1969
Release date 1969
Reels 3
Lenght (in minutes)
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
Producers Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
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