Reference Code I/1-460
Title Film diary No. 23, 1968
Description Voluntary work for harvesting wheat. Auto combine in the field. People harvesting wheat in the field. In addition to the mechanized means, hundreds of employees of the work centres, various institutions and residents of the city’s slums go every day to help the village. People making wreaths etc. (43.30m). 25th anniversary of the First Albanian Communist Youth Conference. On June 9, the 25th anniversary of the 1st Youth Activity Conference was celebrated in the village of Zaloshnje in the district of Skrapar. The candidate of the Central Committee also came to the meeting. friend R. Xhangolli, P. Gushi, A. Meto, H. Aranit, and other guests. Comrade Haxhiere Brahja opened the rally, then R. Xhangolli welcomed them on behalf of the Albanian Labour Central Party Committee (51.50m). Electrification in the villages of Cermenike. Dozens of cooperatives have started work for the opening of the Fumare canal, the waters of which will irrigate about 2000ha of land. These waters will be used for the construction of a 300-kilowatt hydroelectric plant for the electrification of the villagers of Cermenike, the work crews have arrived from the city to install the poles of the electric lines. (42.90m). Work side by side in the cooperative “Mao Ce Dun” in Divajake. In the Divjake cooperative, great attention is paid to the use of draft animals. In the fields where the wheat has been harvested, the second tillage began to sow millet corn. (29m). In the nickel iron mine in Pishkash. Iron nickel mine miners working. The distinguished miner Osman Skopia realized the rate of 105 percent with the initiative of the collective of miners and the engineer Llambi Prifti in the mine put into use the “Skipi” that speeds up the transportation of mineral to the bunker. Cars carry the mineral from Pishkash to the port of Durres. (36.60m). Skanderbeg students in the construction of houses. The students of the Skanderbeg’s school give a great help in the construction of the houses with voluntary work. Every day the students achieve the rate of 120-150 percent. They promise to deliver 8 devices on July 10. (38.50m). Wine competition. Comrade Eleni Pashko spoke at the rally organized in Shkoder on the wine competition. Comrade Koco Theodhosi, Piro Dodbiba, Pjeter Kosta, etc. take part in the exhibition opened on this occasion. (44.70m).
Scriptwriter Xh Mustafa
Musical Arrangement Murat Basha
Camera Hamdi Ferhati Agim Fortuzi Sokrat Musha Ibrahim Kasapi
Edition Ismail Balla
Sound Koco Tollko
Cathegory Newsreels
Chroma Black and White
Year 1968
Reels 1
Length (in minutes) 9.7
Location Shqiperia
Producer Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit