Reference Code I/1-400
Title Film diary No. 15, 1967
Description Before the people’s court. Thousands of cooperative members gathered in the village of Lumas in the district of Berat. We wake up sleepy and the news. All three are accountable to the people. Naxhije Brezhda harshly condemned all those who sell girls, many other girls also speak. (75.70m). With all the forces for planting. In the agricultural cooperative of Labinot, the largest part of the labour force has gone to the field to successfully carry out the spring plantings. The young people of this cooperative work to make terraces. (24.80m). Side by side with the volunteers. Together with the young volunteers in the railway work of the embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Albania, they work in the Gradishte sector. (23.60m). Distinguished beekeeping. In the “Piro Xhixha” cooperative in the district of Gjirokaster, Evgeni Cara, the distinguished foreman in beekeeping, works. (34.20m). Voluntary blood donors. The students of the faculty of makeup gathered in the big palace of culture. They are supported by fifth year students to become blood donors. In this case, the chairman of the red cross Mane State Industrial Enterprise spoke. Many students went to the blood collection and conservation centre. (29.70m). The first combat fencing championship. Fencing athletes from all faculties of the University and the High Institute of Arts take part here. The future doctors won the match. (29.90m).
Scriptwriter A Grashi
Musical Arrangement Donika Muci
Camera Agim Fortuzi Ilia Terpini Hamdi Ferhati Sokrat Musha Pashko Como
Edition Marika Vila
Sound Koco Tollko
Cathegory Newsreels
Chroma Black and White
Year 1967
Reels 1
Length (in minutes) 8
Location Shqiperia
Producer Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit