Reference Code I/1-449
Title Film diary no. 12, 1968
Description Inauguration of the Nitrogen Fertilizer Plant. On March 8, the nitrogen fertilizer plant was inaugurated in the city of Fier. On this occasion came friend Mehmet Shehu, Koco Theodhosi, Adil Carcani. The meeting was opened by Comrade Petraq Magjistari, First Secretary of the District Party. Comrade Adil Carcani greets the public on behalf of the Central Party Committee and the Council of Ministers. Comrade Li-Tin-Cian speaks. Comrade Mehmet Shehu cuts the ribbon. The plant is equipped with modern equipment. (55.70m). Inauguration of the soda ash plant in Vlore. The caustic and calcined soda plant was inaugurated in Vlora. Comrade Koco Theodhosi welcomes them on behalf of the Central Committee of the Party and the Council of Ministers, Comrade Adil Carcani cuts the ribbon, then they visit the factory department. Comrade Mehmet Shehu lays the first stone in the foundation of the factory of electric lamps that will be built within the territory of the plant. (38.40m). 1200 volunteers work in the hills of Elbasan. In these hills, volunteers open terraces. For the tireless work of the young people of the “Naun Panxhi” brigade of the agricultural cooperative of the slope, they gave you the red flag. (40.90m). Housing construction with voluntary work. The residents of the city working, they have pledged to build 100 apartments in the city and 80 in the National Agricultural Enterprise sector on November 29, 1968. (17.20m). Guest from Tropoje. Guests from the villages of Tropoje have come to the house of muskrats of the Gorre cooperative in the Lushnja district. They are familiar with the great progress of the village. The lady of the house teaches them how to sew in the machine. They work and live together. (45.90m). Constructions at the Kavaja glass factory. In Kavaja, the works for the construction of the glass factory continue. Fitter Hasan Muka stands out for his careful and good work. This factory will have a production capacity of nearly 1,500,000 m2 of glass and 500 tons of glass per year. (33.70m).
Scriptwriter Moikom Zeqo
Musical Arrangement M Basha
Camera Niko Theodhosi Petraq Lubonja Ilia Terpini
Edition Marianthi Xhako
Sound Xhavit Behri
Cathegory Newsreels
Chroma Black and White
Year 1968
Reels 1
Length (in minutes) 8
Location Shqiperia
Producer Kinostudio “Shqiperia e re”
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit