Reference Code I/2-1167
Title Fan Noli will always live
Synopsis Sea waves and chimney that emits smoke, ships in the ocean. The Statue of Liberty of America in the background. Portrait of young Fan S. Noli. View of gradations, cars moving . The train moves, squares, streets, houses with snow. Photos of compatriots and patriots in exile. Photo of Noli at work. Photo of Sotir Peci. “Nation” newspaper. Egypt. Tourists in front of the pyramids. Photo of patriots Spiro Dino, Koco Tashko, and Filip Shiroka. Photo of Noli and his friends. Buildings and houses in Boston, views of the streets where Noli lived, skyscrapers, cars. The cemetery where Noli’s remains rest. The Cathedral where Noli worked. Religious books. A mass given by the bishop. (296m) Photo of Noli with the cross medallion around his neck. Books and letters written by him, streets and buildings. Letters written by Noli, Konica, Floqi, and Aleksi. The Sun newspaper. Photo of Bajo Topulli and Mihal Grameno. Fan Noli in Bucharest in 1911, mass in Albanian. Photo of Naun Veqilharxhi, Elena Gjike, Nikola Laco, Asdreni, and Luigj Gurakuqi. The church that got the name “Albanian Church” Noli gives mass four times. View of Sofia. Noli’s sermon in the Albanian language in the cathedral. View from Adrinopoja, where he spent his childhood and was educated. View of Istanbul. Family photo. The trip to Piraeus. Athens where Noli tried many professions. View of London. The church of Saint George, Ismail Qemalin is congratulated for the independence of Albania. View of Boston. The return of Fan Noli. Participates in the Congress of Oppressed Nations in Washington. Meeting with President Wilson. Photo of President Wilson. (294.6m) View of Rome. Noli’s photo. Sculptures, fountains, Saint Peter’s church. Photo of Noli with exiles such as Bajram Curri, Faik Konica, Koco Tashko, etc. He wrote a series of poems in Rome. View of Geneva where Noli graduates. Noli returned to his homeland in 1921 – 1922. View of the center of old Tirana. Photo of Zog and Noli in the parliament. Photo of Avni Rustemi and Fishta. Photo of the newspapers “Politico”, “Union”. Creation of the new democratic government with prime minister Fan Nolin. View from USSR, Kremlin. Various buildings, streets, churches, newspapers that writes about Noli. The funeral ceremony of Avni Rustemi. Various writings from Noli and for Noli. (294.8m) Sea waves. The museum of Kruja, the street. Photo of Luigj Gurakuqi who was killed in Bari, Italy. His grave. Landscapes, mountains, and rivers. Bajram Curri’s photo. Noli’s emigration to Europe. He establishes the National Revolutionary Committee. Photo of patriots Halim Xhelo, Zia Fundo, Sulejman Maleshova, Mithat Frasheri, Omer Nishani, Mustafa Kruja, Ali Kelmendi, and Koco Tashko. Fan Noli is elected as the chairman of the Committee. View from Berlin. Noli’s activities, his connections with representatives of science and politics such as: Einstein, Dimitrov, Picasso, Mari and George Kyri. Literary political activity. Photo of Ahmet Zogu with court friends. Landscapes of mountains and rivers, etc. Different views of Germany where Fan Noli continues to work and live. Deprived Noli returns to America. The Statue of Liberty, stairs, different roads with cars. Fan Noli sick in hospital. He writes poetry. He translates the works of the classics, Shakespeare, Cervantes, Ibsen, and Omar Khayam, etc. View of churches in Boston, Wester, Brickport. His writings about prominent world figures. Edition of the History of Skanderbeg. 55-year-old Noli attends the music conservatory in Boston. Photo, Beethoven’s book, letters written by Fan Noli. Airplane in flight. The fascist occupation of Albania. The old bazaar of Tirana. Berat Castle, photo by Noli and Faik Konice. Noli’s correspondence with the governments of major powers in Europe and America for the protection of Albania. Photo of Edith Durham and her correspondence with Fan Noli. The National Liberation war. The democratic government in Tirana. Retrospective, Noli’s speech in America. In the background the white house. Photo of Hysni Kapo and Behar Shtylles at the San Francisco conference. Photo of Tuk Jakov and Sulejman Maleshov in America. Academy of Sciences and Writers’ Union. Publication of Noli’s works. Fan Noli in Tirana. Meeting with Albanian leaders. President Reagan greets the Noli’s 100th anniversary commemorative meeting. Portrait of John Kennedy. View of the Kennedy Library and Bookstore. Freedom Monument. View of Boston. Antoni Athanas, chairman of “The Albanian hearth” society, his photo with Fan Noli in his restaurant. Antoni and other Albanian patriots. Boston with snow. Fan Noli (Photo). Objects of life and work of Noli. Portrait. The house. Noli’s grave, memorial. Ibrahim Rrugova placing flowers on Noli’s grave. A friend of Noli speaking. Writer Ismail Kadare speaks. Libraries with books. Photo of the linguist Eqerem Cabej. Rexhep Qosja and Dritero Agolli speak synchronously. Tirana, view of the University, students, the cemetery of the martyrs. Biographical film.
Screenwriter Nexhati Tafa Viktor Gjika
Director Viktor Gjika
Composer Mira Mecule, formulim
Camera Spartak Papadhimitri Flora Uka, op/zeri
Editing Eli Coja
Sound Flora Uka
Category Documentaries
Year 1997
Release date 1997
Reels 7
Lenght (in minutes) 66.4
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations Turqi;Shqiperi;Amerike.
Producers Agjensia kulturore artistike “Dea”
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit