Reference Code I/2-19
Title Cordial meeting
Synopsis The film beginning with the panoramic view of the Northern mountains, steep rocks and fresh waters flowing. Fields and roads scenery, mountain’s schools and hospitals. In September 1952, Enver Hoxha, Mehmet Shehu and other dignitaries visited the northern provinces of the country. The citizens of Puke coming down to meet up with Enver Hoxha. Children giving him flowers and the highlanders dancing with drums. Enver Hoxha speaking at the rally, and then welcoming a delegation of mountaineers. In Tropoje, the mountaineers have gathered in a rally where Enver Hoxha is addressing the public. Enver Hoxha welcoming a delegation of Tropoian highlanders. Elder Avdi Bajrami speaking on behalf of the highlanders. He affirms that he will protect the country from the agents of Belgrade. The patriot Sulejman Abazi says to his friend Enver Hoxha: “Let your voice be like a war cry in the fight against the enemies. We will not be ashamed. ” The highlanders of Kukes celebrating as they are expecting their friend Enver Hoxha. He talks to the farmers about the successes achieved and about his friendship with Soviet Union. On September 28, a delegation of mountaineers meets with Enver Hoxha . Enver Hoxha placing flowers on the graves of the martyrs. Scenery from Peshkopia. The people singing and dancing, the pioneers giving flowers to Enver Hoxha. A delegation of mountaineers meeting with Enver Hoxha. Farmer Fiqiri Banushi promises his friend Enver that the mountains will contribute to the preservation of the country’s borders. While traveling to Rreshen, Enver Hoxha meets with the workers of Bulqiza. View of Mati bridge. Visiting Burrel. After the rally, Enver Hoxha meeting a group of mountaineers. Visiting the hydropower plant in the Mat River. Comrade Enver Hoxha greeting Sali Vate, then observing the construction works of the hydropower plant. Documentary film about Comrade Enver’s visit to northern Albania. Co-author of the text; Dh. Ours. Assistant /Director; Xhanfise Cipi.
Scriptwriter Ibrahim Uruci
Director Endri Keko
Composer Milto Vako
Camera Hamdi Ferhati Jani Nano
Designer Petraq Lubonja
Sound Koco Tollko
Category Documentaries
Year 1952
Release date 1952
Reels 3
Lenght (in minutes) 23
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations Neper Shqiperi
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