Reference Code I/2-93
Title City of 1000 windows
Synopsis Mountains and valleys sceneries , a river where a little boy fishes with a hook. The city wakes up, a girl opens the windows, the workers go to work. Workers work in construction. New residential houses, children going to the new school. Little children playing in a garden. A painter painting the city of Berat. The castle of Berat, for which many legends have been woven, one of which is that of the two Kreshniks, Tomorri and Shpiragu. Two brothers who fell in love with the beautiful Fate. Both kreshniks killed each other and as a punishment the god returned them to the mountains and turned the beautiful Fate to a rock that served as a foundation for the castle. While the river that passes through Berat is said to have been formed by Fate’s tears. View of the giant walls of the Berat fortress, which was built in the 4th century AD by the Illyrian tribe of Desareteve. While the other walls were built in the 13th century by despot Mihal Engjell Komneni. It starts with a view of the Osumi castle and Myzeqeja. Part from the Skanderbeg’s movie. Church of St. Merise Vllahernes, 14th century. Church of St. Triadhes, 14th century. The church of St. Mehill was built on the rocky side of the castle. The churches are painted by our painters. an epitaph covered with silver thread, made by Gjergj Araniti in 1313 under the rule of the Balshajs. The churches are skilfully crafted by local craftsmen with artistic carvings. The cobblestoned streets of the castle, the bridge built by Kurt Pasha. View of Mangalem neighbourhood. Women at the streets of Mangalem ; women drinking coffee or crying at front of the gates. Women filling pots with water and knitting socks. Berati’s house. The room is paved with miner, wood-carved fireplace and carved ceiling. The museum where the golden clothes are stored. Silver belt, mother-of-pearl slippers. An old woman handing over her wedding clothes to the museum. Evening. Vivacious city.
Screenwriter Marianthi Xhako
Director Marianthi Xhako
Camera Hamdi Ferhati Koco Tollko, op/zeri
Designer Vasil Lala
Category Documentaries
Year 1959
Release date 1959
Reels 3
Lenght (in minutes) 23
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
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