Reference Code I/2-41
Title Cerrik
Synopsis The film begins with the view of the city of Elbasan, the new buildings that have been constructed the museum and the old artefacts of the city. The decision of the Council of Ministers for the construction of the oil refinery in Cerrik is published in the newspaper. People buying the newspaper. Cerrik landscapes. Geologists measuring the field where the factory will be erected. Workers heading to work in the morning. Residential apartments are being built in the city. Carpenter Guri Kosta is competing with Dalan Pupon and Pando Josif. The brothers Liman, Rifat and Demir Bekteshi from Golloborda applying the Soviet method of construction. The trucks bringing the construction materials, the chimney rises 15 m. Welding of metal, the distinguished welder Llazao Tale works here. The trucks bringing the pipes which will connect Cerrik with Patos. Soviet ships bringing construction materials in the Durres’ harbour. High voltage poles are built. The assembly of the thermo-electric power plant is done. The assembler Zoi Lico installing the production tanks of the refinery. Laying of kerosene pipes is done. The worker Llazar Papamihali stands out. The construction is done with the help of the Soviet engineer Mironov, technicians Jani Zhida and Dhimia Farri . The engineers Lisimak Cirri and Sokrat Zazaqi, who used to be students in banks, are now learning new techniques in the use of pipes. The assembly of the boilers of the thermal power plant is done under the direction of Dhori Dode. Xhemal Tutuleku’s brigade completing the assembly of the steam drums. The boilers are insulated by the collective brigades of Zoi Lico and Andrea Marko. Andrea Marko is at the “Lenin” hydropower plant. Worker Safet Stenga used to work as an army worker, drives the “Stalinie” tractor. Farmer Sulejman Ramani, a shepherd who studied in the Soviet Union has become a technician. During the first workdays, the excavator Aferdita Shgahu is working hard. Roads are laid with asphalt concrete. Workers having fun during break. A worker singing funny songs. The construction works of the factory are shown on the screen. the people of Elbasan and the leaders of the Party and the state inaugurating the factory on the 7th of November. Comrade. Koco Theodhosi welcoming the workers. The director of the construction company, Mr. Ajet Rusi, speaking on behalf of the workers. Renown Brigadier Llazi Papamihali addressing the public. Spiro Koleka cutting the ribbon of the inauguration. Every year, 150, 000 tons of oil will be refined here. B. Balluku, R. Marko, and S. Koleka participating in the inauguration ceremony.
Scriptwriter A Gashi
Director Ilo Pando
Camera Agim Fortuzi
Category Documentaries
Year 1956
Release date 1956
Reels 3
Lenght (in minutes) 19
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
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