Reference Code I/2-55
Title Brothers forever
Synopsis The Albanian people are waiting for Anton Jugov on January 23, 1957. Vivacious streets of Tirana. The ship “Dimitrov” has arrived in Durres’ harbour, bringing the Bulgarian delegation. Coastal artillery firing cannons in honour of the Bulgarian delegation. Party and state leaders such as comrades B. Balluku, S. Koleka, G. Nushi, and Durres’s people receiving the delegation. The welcome speech is given by Comrade M. Shehu, chairman of the Council of Ministers (synchronous). In the midst of great enthusiasm, the speaker of the Council of Ministers of Bulgaria, Mr. Antov Yugov (synchronized). Children giving flowers to the delegation. The delegation leaves for Tirana. Cheerful people all along the way. Maqo Como and Liri Belishova are attending the event. The delegation driving through Shijaku, Kashari and Tirana. The delegation pays tribute to the martyrs’ cemeteries. The delegation made its first visit to the Council of Ministers and Central Committee of the Labour Party of Albania. The screen displaying images from the visit of Enver Hoxha to Bulgaria in 1947. Enver Hoxha together with Gj. Dimitrovin, the reception of the Bulgarian people and the speeches of comarde Enver at the train stations. The signing of the Albania-Bulgaria friendship treaty 1947. Images of Tirana. View of the mosque destroyed by the war. Visting the museum of the National – Liberation war, the textile factory at the district of Kruje, in Shkoder, etc. Despite the heavy rain, the people have gathered to welcome the Bulgarian delegation. Comrades Enver Hoxha and Anton Jugov at the rally. The delegation heading to Elbasan. All along the road, the people are waiting for the delegation, the villagers are dancing. Delegation at the city of Pogradec welcomed with bread and salt. A rally is being organized at the city of Korce, comrades. B. Balluku and Karlo Llukanov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of People’s Republic of Bulgaria. Delegation visiting the agricultural cooperative in Lumalasi. The villagers welcoming the delegation with bread and sugar. Visiting Maliqi’s sugar factory, visiting the city of Stalin, the oil wells and the city of Berat. Mr. Primov at the rally. On the way, the delegation stopped at. “New life” agricultural the cooperative, the delegation is welcomed with songs and dances. Comrades Anton Yukov and M. Shehu. The delegation dancing with the villagers. A big concert was organized at the hall of the popular theatre in Tirana in honour of the Bulgarian delegation. Comrades Enver Hoxha, M. Shehu, R. Marko and A. Jukov attending the event. It begins with talks in the Palace of Brigades and with the signature of a series of agreements signed by M. Shehu, A. Jugovi, and then A. Kellezi. After signing the documents, the chairman of the Council of Ministers of People’s Republic of Bulgaria comrade Anton Jugov and other leaders were handed over by the presidium of the People’s Assembly the high orders of the Albanian state, the Bulgarian side Pipi Mitrojorgji. Comrades Enver Hoxha, M. Shehu, H. Kapo, G. Nushi, M. Myftiu attending the decoration ceremony. The city of Tirana awards comrade Antov Zhukov with the title “Honorary Citizen”. Nearly 80 thousand citizens of Tirana gathered in the rally. Comrades M. Shehu (simultaneous) and sh. A. Yukov addressing the public for this special occassion. The delegates are escorted by the leaders of the party, the people and the state at the airport. The chairman of the Council of Ministers and comrade A. Yukov addressing the public. Soldiers parading, pioneers giving flowers. The Delegation getting on the plane and waving goodbye. The visit of Bulgarian diplomats led by Anton Zhukov.
Director Endri Keko
Camera Jani Nano Sokrat Musha Hamdi Ferhati
Category Documentaries
Year 1957
Release date 1957
Reels 4
Lenght (in minutes) 32
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
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