Reference Code I/2-37
Title At the festival of Warsaw
Synopsis The film begins with the view of the city of Durres and the departure of the Albanian youth to the 5th youth festival in Warsaw. Pictures from the boat steamer trip. The choir of the Albanian philharmonic gives a concert for the sailors of the Soviet boat steamer. From the steamer you can discern the Bulgarian port “Stalin” and Constanta in Romania. The festival goers landing in Constance and leaving by train. Landscapes from the Romanian countryside. Beautiful recreation centres. The train goes to Czechoslovakia and then to Warsaw. Albanian youth are welcomed by young people. Construction works in Warsaw to heal the wounds of the war. Image of Warsaw and its stadium taken from above. Crowded streets of Warsaw, the city is decorated with flags. Albanian youths sightseeing by bus. Young people from 11 countries of the world leaving for the stadium. The Albanian youth parading in the stadium. Afterwards the Bulgarian, Brazilian, Chinese, Czech, French youth parading , headed by Raimonde Grace. Greece, Cyprus, India, Japan, Korea, German Democratic Republic, Sudan, America, Russia passing by, and the Polish youth closing the parade. The flag is being waves. A concert with songs and dances, Polish youth performing. The Soviet ensemble performing a Ukrainian dance at the Vladencki park. The Vietnamese troupe dancing and our Zerqan group of dancers performing. The second prize of the song contest was won by Ibrahim Tukiqi and Hysen Pelingu. Young people visiting the Polish youth rest camp. Albanian youth visiting Chinese youth. Hysen Pelingu embracing a young Chinese man who came with a delegation to Albania. Arab youths coming to visit the Albanian youth. Advija (Mamice) is asked for an autograph. Young people performing the Romanian dance Perinica. Young men giving flowers to girls. Soviet youth talking to other youth. Photojournalists taking pictures of beautiful moments. Walking on the “Friendship” boulevard. Youth planting friendship trees. The rally of the 10th anniversary of Hiroshima takes place at night. Young people denouncing the bombing of Hiroshima. The closing rally of the festival is being held. Bruno Bernini reading the festival appeal. The last waltz closes the festival. Fireworks. Anastas Dushi and Nafiz Suli attending the festival.
Director Ilo Pando
Camera Jani Nano dhe operatore polake
Category Documentaries
Year 1955
Release date 1955
Reels 2
Lenght (in minutes) 21
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
Notes The 5th International Youth Festival in Warsaw.
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit