Reference Code I/2-147
Title An ardent manifestation of friendship
Synopsis The delegation headed by comrade Tsu En Lain is visited by the students of the “Enver Hoxha” joint school. Comrades Tsu En Lai, M. Shehu, B. Balluku parading. Delegation visits the school office. Teachers and students gathered at the state university of Tirana . The rector of the university Kahreman Ylli spoke on this occasion. The joint declaration was signed in Tirana on January 8. The statements were signed by comrades M. Shehu and Tsu En Lai. A big rally was organized in the “Partizani” palace. The rally was opened by the first secretary of C. P of the city, Rrapo Dervishi, who gave the floor to comrade M. Shehu (synchronous). The Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Poland and comrade Tsu En Lai (synchronous). A dinner was organized at the Palace of Brigades in honor of the Chinese delegation and the Council of Ministers. Enver Hoxha and Cu En Lai spoke at dinner. Dancing an Albanian dance. The delegation returning to its homeland. People of Tirana taking the streets. The commander of the honor guard briefs comrades M. Shehu and Tsu En Lai. Comrades M. Shehu and Cu En Lai greeting our people. H. Kapo. Attends the departure of Chinese delegation. (194. 80) Documentary film on the visit of the President of the State Council of the Republic of China, Tsu En Lai to Albania.
Director Endri Keko
Composer Ismail Balla
Camera Pashko Como Niko Theodhosi Hamdi Ferhati Dhimiter Lala Saim Kokona Xhevat Behri, op zeri
Editing Xhafize Keko
Category Documentaries
Year 1964
Release date 1964
Reels 2
Lenght (in minutes) 16
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
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