Reference Code I/2-1147
Title Alleluia !
Synopsis People with lit candles on the street, people praying. Photo of the Pope. Enver Hoxha in the stands. People parading (retrospective). View of the Shkodra church at night. Rinas Airport. The President of Albania Sali Berisha, Mother Teresa and other leaders are waiting for Pope John Paul II to visit Albania.. The plane lands. The Pope descends and kisses the Albanian soil. The Pope meets Mother Teresa, Sali Berishen, clergy, etc. Pope visiting the Presidium, his speech (simultaneous). The square in Shkodra. Pope is coming, people have gathered. Pope’s entrance into the church, interior view of the church. Pope kisses the cross, religious ceremony, ordination of priests. (269.4 m) The departure of the Pope from Shkodra, along the way he greets the people. Arrival in Tirana. The pedestals of the statues of Enver and Stalin. People welcome the Pope in the square. Pope greets the people from the podium. Sali Berisha greeting. Religious ceremony in the church, the Pope baptizes two children. People welcome the Pope. (146.3 m) Documentary on the visit of Pope John Paul II to Albania, 1992. Op. voice: Gezim Koni, Gezim Cenolli. Assistant operator: Ramazan Bekteshi. Special effects: Fark Basha. Chronic operators: Rudolf Radovani, Pellumb Panariti, Spartak Papadhimitri, Vladimir Marko. Film director: Eduart Jumari.
Screenwriter Roland Gjoza
Scriptwriter Kristaq Mitro
Director Kristaq Mitro
Composer Mira Mecule
Camera Bardhyl Martiniani Ilia Terpini
Editing Shazie Kapoli
Sound Niko Shallo
Category Documentaries
Year 1992
Release date 1992
Reels 2
Lenght (in minutes) 13.85
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations Tirane;Shkoder;Itali
Producers Studio Albafilm
© Copyright Arkivi Qendror Shtetëror i Filmit