Reference Code I/2-1
Title Albania
Synopsis Illustrating the map of the Balkans, with Albania situated at its heart. Landscape of high mountains and partisans climbing mountains. Waterfall and rivers’ images. Evening view of a lake and panoramic view of Vlora’s coast. The endless fields of our homeland, the farmers ploughing the soil and harvesting the wheat. Shepherds with cattle and the village of shepherds. Shepherds going to school, women spinning wool. Illustrating images of Tirana before and after the liberation. Images of houses and streets crowded with people, priests, veiled and cycling women. The documentary shows panoramic images of the city of Korca and the monument of the unknown soldier. Images from the cities of Gjirokastra and Durres and the destructions of ports. The city of Shkodra, women with sheets, and schools where Jesuits study. Kruja Castle and the Skanderbeg’s bust. View of the ancient city of Butrint, the remains of the amphitheater and broken busts. It initially illustrates images from ancient city of Butrint and then continues with pictures of destroyed Leskovik. Tombs of Italian and German soldiers (Lupo di Toscana). Partisans’ tombs. Images of armed miners, stone and greenhouse wagons, cement factory, oil wells in Kucove. Woodcutters cutting down trees for timber in the northern forests. Panoramic view of Tirana’s city , schools’ life. Tirana’s pedagogical school, teacher Qibrie Ciu while teaching pupils. Korca’s high school and the military ‘ school, where Mehmet Shehu is giving a public speech. On the occasion of the anniversary of Albanian army, a military training took place all over the country. People start parading at the “Skanderbeg” square in Tirana. Albanian traditional dancing. On July 10, 1945, Enver Hoxha, Mehmet Shehu, Hysni Kapo, parading in front of the partisans at the ” Martyrs of the nation ” square. Then partisans’ start also marching. Enver Hoxha, Mehmet Shehu, and Hysni Kapo are standing in the tribune. The English and Soviet missions. People throwing flowers at the partisans, the film ending with the image of the unknown soldier statue.
Director Roman Karmen
Composer Kristo Kono
Camera Karmen Treianovsku
Category Documentaries
Year 1945
Release date 1945
Reels 4
Lenght (in minutes) 28
Country of origin B.S
Shooting locations Neper te gjithe Shqiperine
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