Reference Code I/2-17
Title About the Peace Pact
Synopsis In the “Skenderbej” square, a large rally is being held when the Central Council of Peace Protection is sending the peace appeal. The secretary of the Communist Party Committee of the district of Tirana, comrade Fiqerete Shehu is addressing the public on this occasion. Comrade Medar Shtylla is at the tribune. The first who signed the Peace Pact were fellow leaders: Gogo Nushi, Ramiz Alia, Foto Stamo, Fiqerete Shehu, Fadil Pacrami, and Llazar Laiptari. The appeal of the World Peace Council is signed from the leadership and ordinary peasants. Comrade Dashnor Mamaqi addressing the workers of the Textile Factory during a rally. Kombinati and Stalin city workers signing the peace appeal. Shaban Bega, Luan Sokoli, Petrit Resiti, Ismail Murati etc. signing the peace appeal at the “Lenin” hydropower plant. The peace appeal is also being signed by expectant mothers for the happiness of their children. The appeal is signed by renown representatives from the scientific and cultural sectors such as: sculptor Janaq Paco, member of the Institute of Sciences Aleksander Xhuvani, writer Shefqet Musaraj, artists Jorgjia Truja, Mihal Popi, Mustafa Krantja, Besa Imami , Chief Mufti Musa Aliu, Archbishop Paisi Vodia and Ahmet Myftar Dede. Sea waves. The navy troops signing the peace appeal. Sulejman Lapiu handing out the peace appeal to the villagers of Maminas who also sign the appeal. The Albanian Committee for the Protection of Peace, announcing the results of the signature collection process. Comrades Fiqerete Shehu addressing the public. The film was made by: Endri Keko, Jani Nano, Koco Talko, Petraq Lubonja, Xhanfize Cipi, Mikollaq Carka.
Director Ilia Kopalin
Composer V. Kotovskij
Camera Mandi Koci Hamdi Ferhati Agim Fortuzi
Category Documentaries
Year 1951
Release date 1951
Reels 1
Lenght (in minutes) 9
Country of origin Shqiperi dhe B.S,
Shooting locations Tirane dhe Qyteti Stalin.
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