Reference Code I/2-75
Title A day in Apollonia
Synopsis Pojan Hill, Fier. This city was built 2500 years ago; it has always attracted the attention of archaeologists . The carved stone wall that surrounds the hill. The person in charge of the expedition is Selim Islami and the Soviet professor Bladovaki, who leads the group of Soviet archaeologists. Archaeologists discovering a part of the wall surrounding the city. Coming across clay pots, which shows that we are dealing with an ancient workshop. A house with 9 rooms was found in the western part of the city. The main room is paved with marble tiles, which indicates that it was a waiting room, while the other rooms are paved with colourful mosaics. The sculpture of Athena and an athlete sculpture. The house had sewers and is thought to belong to a wealthy citizen or an official. Another object shows that life here began with the founding of the city. The statue of a large “Hekurlange” woman and the portrait of a man were found. There is an undiscovered monumental building in the western part of the city. There are various artworks, the statue of Athena, a copy of the sculptor Fido. The relief of the atlas is given, discoveries are also made at the city cemeteries. A newly opened grave, a ceramic vessel was found next to the bones of the deceased person. While another grave covered with slate indicates the custom of cremating the body. Items used by the deceased are taken out of the barrel. Many of these discoveries must pass into the hands of the restorer. A beautiful restored vase and some other tools. On the archaeological expedition organized by the State University. Film consultant Selim Islami.
Director Shkelzen Shala Agim Fortuzi
Camera Shkelzen Shala Agim Fortuzi
Category Documentaries
Year 1958
Release date 1958
Reels 1
Lenght (in minutes) 11
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations Pogradec;Fier
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