Reference Code I/2-45
Synopsis The film begins with the view of Tirana, animated with the delegates of the congress. The 3rd congress of the Party of Labour of Albania on May 25. The first secretary of the Central Committee Enver Hoxha opening the congress. Comrade Hoxha reporting (synchronous). The delegates H. Kapo, G. Nushi, B. Balluku. L. Belishova are in the stands. The chairman of the revisionism addressing the congress. Koco Tashko reporting the congress. Comrades Rrapo Dervishi, Colonel Paparisto, B. Balluku, Liri Belishova, the delegate of Korce Ninja Tomja, and the delegate of the oil workers Jorgji Shuli addressing the congress. The Vlora delegation brought fish from the canning factory to the congress. Foreign delegations addressing the congress. The first to speak is the representative of the Soviet Union delegation, comrade Pospjellov, the secretary of the central committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The Chinese delegation En Shan addressing the congress. The delegates taking pictures. Comrade M. Shehu reporting on the work plan (synchronously) during the second session. 34 delegates secretary of hydropower plant party, Gani Keci, the tractor operator and driver Xhel Jakupi addressing the congress. The pioneers greeting the Congress. Comrades G. Nushi. Parashqevi Shehu, Koco Luarasi, P. Peristeri announcing the winners of the competitions. The flag is won by the employees of the Ulze’s hydropower plant. Tirana winning the flag of the districts of the districts and neighbourhoods. Enver Hoxha thanking the delegations for their participation in the congress (synchronous). The congress closes with the delegates singing the international communist anthem. A rally attended by more than 700 thousand people. Enver Hoxha, Soviet delegate Adurraman Ajollov, the Chinese delegate En Shan, the Bulgarian delegate Jorgji Cankov, and the French delegate attending the rally
Scriptwriter Shkelzen Shala
Director Ilo Pando
Camera Agim Fortuzi Jani Nano Hamdi Ferhati
Category Documentaries
Year 1956
Release date 1956
Reels 2
Lenght (in minutes) 15
Country of origin Shqiperi
Shooting locations
Notes Chronicle film on the proceedings of the 3rd Congress of the Party of Labour of Albania.
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