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Another cinema hall has been added to the capital since August 2010!
It is a special one, it differs from the rest…in addition to its highly particular programme, the entry is always free.
The philosophy of work of the film archive is based on the wide distribution and promotion of the culture of the film, in addition to the preservation of the national film heritage. The functioning of a dedicated cinema hall does in fact, meaningfully complement our philosophy.

The recently refurbished cinema hall of the central film archive started its work on 4 August 2010 and it was inaugurated in a special ceremony on 14 September 2010. Built in 2000, upon the initiative of the former director of the archive, Ms. Natasha Lako, it has a capacity of 80 seats, the hall was totally refurbished 10 years after its establishment.

Thanks to the perseverance of the following directors of the film archive, Artan Minarolli and Elvira Diamanti, the cinema hall became fully operational thanks to the state budget funds granted for this purpose by the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

The projection equipment consists of an ERNEMANN machine produced by the Germany-based CineProject. It was purchased through funds provided by the Spanish Government in the framework of the national programme "Heritage for Social and Economic Development" implemented by UNESCO and UNDP.

The film projections for the cinema lovers are a constitutive part of the work we do at the central film archive, inline with the law on cinematography, our regulation and statute. They are aimed at the promotion of the collection preserved and administered by our institution that works towards a wide acknowledgement of the Albanian film heritage and culture.

The projections are scheduled every Wednesday. All films are shown in 35 mm format and entrance is free. For the vintage cinema fans we show classics of the world cinema, which are part of our collection, and much en vogue in the sixties, seventies and eighties. By showing old movies we intend to revive the emotions of past times to the public from the third age, and to get the young generation acquainted with those very emotions. We find this is a good way to bring old and young into contact with the masterpieces of vintage cinematography.

On special occasions we organize special film projections for the cinema students of the Academy of Arts and of the Marubi Film Academy. These projections are structured as actual lessons, focusing on issues that are addressed in highs chools in the subject-matters of literature and history, with students and teachers attending.

We also organise on-demand projections for all those who appreciate films. Everyone, provided that a group of at least five persons is established, may present a request to the film archive, upon checking the list of available films.

In addition to the above-mentioned activities, the film archive also organises events, commemorations, jubilees, cinema weeks etc.

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